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Friday, December 9, 2022
Picture Book "Rainbow Colors"(32 pages)SANKEISHA release on Dec 16, 2022
New work "Rainbow Colors" release on Dec 16, 2022!
Author : Katy
Winner of the Excellence Award at the 1st SDGs Picture Book Awards by Sankeisha

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
"Knitter Murmur" (Koguma-Publishing)
My new picture book is now available!
It is published by Koguma-Publishing in Japan.

This is a warm story set in from autumn to winter.

(Sorry, it is in Japanese only.)
あんどう えりこ
Saturday, October 17, 2020
I’m happy to announce that a picture book “Ah-no-ne” which I did the drawing was published today.
This picture book was written as one of the tools to nurture empathetic learning as a part of Humane Education Project. As a special feature of this book, no words can be found except for the title. The Japanese title "Ah-no-ne" means "You know what?" The phrase "Ah-no-ne" is used when you want to say something to someone or when you hesitate to say something to someone. Please tell your own story saying "Ah-no-ne" as if you became one of the puppies.

You can see the original copy in “Creators Expo 2020” in Big-sight, Tokyo from 21st - 23rd Oct.
Picture Book "Little Chloe and Corne"(32 pages)SANKEISHA release on Oct 14, 2020
New work "Little Chloe and Corne" release on Oct 14, 2020!
Author : Katy

[content introduction]
The adventure of a little girl and her puppy begins with a mother's words.

Monday, June 15, 2020
Comic Essay released
Comic Essay released.
The book "More! Let's go out on a night bus" was released on April 17.
This is the second series in a full-color comic essay on the theme of night bus.

All drawn in Japanese.
Thursday, October 24, 2019
"Peek-a-book" series from TaraBooks
New books are released from TaraBooks!
“Peek-a-book” series has 4 books; “Boo!”, “Who’s hungry?”, “Birthday surprise” and “The tree”.
This book’s shape is simpler than “Knock! Knock!”. There are no words in the books except for the title. So anybody can enjoy them!

You can get this book on TaraBooks’s website:
本山 浩子
Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Pre-sale of picture book “Omatsuri ghost tour” (published by Babies and Mommy) started
Picture book I wrote and wrote "Omatsuri ghost tour" (Baby and Mommy)
Please let us know that pre-sale has started on Amazon prior to the 9/18 release.

Since it is a pre-sale, it will arrive after 9/18.
The bookstores line up around 9/20.

The back cover comes with an appendix “Omatsuri Sugoroku” as a bonus.
It is a picture book that you can play after reading, so I hope that children will enjoy it.
If you are interested or have children, please read it!
Picture Book "Isabella and Montini's Wonderful trip" SANKEISHA release on July 31, 2019
New work "Isabella and Montini's Wonderful trip" release on July 31, 2019!
Author : Katy Translator : Umi

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
「fukuneko omame naruhodo kyokurashi」Published from the Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center.
Following the "Machiya Ehon" (PHP research institute) in 2014, we published the second work "Fukujeko beans as much living as Kyoto" from the Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center in December 2018. From October 2015 to March 2018 Kyoto Shimbun It drew 12 works in 88 works which were serialized three times a month on the morning educational culture side and published as "Kyoto no Toshi 100", and it is on sale well.
みしま ゆかり
Friday, October 19, 2018
3D Art Coloring Book Now on Sale
Yukari Mishima’s 3D art coloring book is now on Sale.
You can find them look popping up from the sheet after coloring and cutting.
Enjoy photo-shooting and getting many likes on your SNS!

飛び出す! 驚き! トリックアート塗り絵 (ブティック・ムック)

Publisher: Boutique-sha Co, LTD
Photo, Design and Edit: STUDIO DUNK
Saturday, September 8, 2018
Picture Book "Little Prince Harold and Stick White Pony" SANKEISHA
Author : Katy Translator : Umi

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
How To Fly Like an Elephant (Children’s book / Penguin Random House UK/V&A publishing)
How To Fly Like an Elephant (Children’s book / Penguin Random HouseUK/V&A publishing “Victoria and Albert museum publishing”)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Paperback Pages 32
Dimensions 280x212mm
Language English
Publication date 10-05-2018

This is the first children's book Kyoko has both illustrated and authored. The story is all about imagination, determination, creativity and team work!! Everyone knows elephants can't fly: they're too heavy, and they have no wings! But what happens when three elephants work together to design a flying machine? How to Fly Like an Elephant combines an introduction to design and engineering with a timeless story about persistence and teamwork. Featuring interactive folding elements and flaps, the elephants will need YOUR help to finally get off the ground in this first picture book from Puffin and the V&A Museum.

Penguin Random House UK

Penguin Random House Canada

V&A museum shop

Amazon Uk
Saturday, April 14, 2018
Footprint of travel in Seoul
illustration for our second travel book,published on Amazon Kindle, April 2018.
Monday, December 11, 2017
Illustrations of three primary colors (English Edition) Kindle版
Why do I draw pictures with the three primary colors? Because drawing the basic of Visual Communication, that is, the basics of painting in one color. "Silhouette" In other words, the expression "pictogram" is the basis. I think that the three primary colors of the color that advanced one step therefrom are strong and clear expressions.
There are three stages of "traditional thinking of Japanese art" "SHU" "HA" "RI" ... "to practice basic," "to go out of the basics" and "to make new expressions."
The expression in this art collection is drawn with Japanese traditional ink and brush, and it is expressed in three primary colors of color by digital. I would like to produce works at the "RI" "do new expression".
Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Shinji Harada Art book「 3 minutes Venus」Kindle
Shinji Harada art book Venus for 3 minutes: Drawing × Digital New expression Kindle version

Analog drawing, Croquis drawing. Moreover, the work drawn in the limited time of 3 minutes unable to fail by ink and brush
It is colorfully digitized and finished as a highly saturated work as vector data.
After collaborating with the model at the atelier, each work was a race queen, a flamenco dancer, a violinist,
Model, etc. It is a collection of art that is rich in change and impressive.
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Can you make ramen tasty?
On August 18th, the first comic essay "Ramen taste good?" Will be released by East Press.

Instant bag noodles as easily as possible! Dramatically! Delicious! Arrange and eat comic essays.

Such as "Ika Ramen" using the rice cake, salmon flavor of "Charming salmon roasted ramen" using salmon flakes, "Chinese cabbage Caesar ramen" using Caesar dressing, etc. that is familiar to anyone With materials and ideas, we will pursue delicious instant noodles.
Also introduces simple dishes using soup noodle soup.
Saturday, December 24, 2016
Footprint of travel in Taipei
illustration for our first travel book,travel in Taipei ,published on Amazon Kindle, December 2016.
Thursday, June 4, 2015
"Keronyan'nu" Kodansha
In Kodansha of children's book "Keronyan'nu" (Yasuda Natuna Author), I was responsible for Soga and illustrations.

Kind-hearted hero and time of the miracle of a mysterious animal Keronyan'nu.
It is a story that tells us life of the importance.

You can read from the elementary school, but it is also recommended for adults.
Thank you very much.