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katsunori sato
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E-mail : win* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
TEL : 090-3125-2517
FAX : 022-282-1218
Computer specifications : Mac OS10.12.6
Form of delivery : In a digital case, they are [ an original picture and ] mail attachment, CD-R, etc.

Warmth is felt and it is trying to be able to draw the illustration which a story can imagine.
I am allowed to mainly do work of advertising [ at large ], a poster, a calendar, learning materials, an illustration, etc.

1969, born in Miyagi. Living in Sendai.
It will be independent of a design production to the shop name of an "atelier win" after service for seven years as illustrator in 1998. It is under activity as free illustrator.

Northeast illustrator'sclub representative.
Design vocational school illustration lesson part-time teacher.
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