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E-mail : kanzaki.karin* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
TEL : 090-6340-1193
Computer specifications : Mac OS X , Win7 
Form of delivery : Original delivery or data delivery,

★ free illustration material of high-quality watercolor, it offers reasonable price ★

★ summarizes the illustrations sample videos ★
In a short period of time so you can see a lot of work, please see.

歓崎 花鈴 (Kanzaki Karin)
Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo resident.
She ike to draw a picture from childhood, junior and high school was the art part.
After graduating from high school, she joined the animation studio. Video and original charge.

Working as a freelance animator, illustrator from 2001 through the birth.
From illustrations for children, watercolor of the flora and fauna image for adults, and a wide range of landscape painting,
Also, we are working on construction of illustrations for advertising.
Various touch, watercolor, black-and-white illustrations, digital painting, etc.
We offer in our response to your request.

Person who was in motion lively, it is possible that some of the atmosphere of a picture, such as cut of the story,
It has favorable reception.
Currently, character design and product development, we are focused on animation.
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