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Sora Mizusawa
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E-mail : soramizusawa* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
TEL : 090-5220-3500
Computer specifications : Mac OS X 10.9.3

I’m an illustrator,
Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido,
Living in Tokyo,
Enrolled in MJ illustrations,


Selected in "The 186th Choice" (Illustration Magazine)
Semi-Selected in "The 185th choice" (Illustration Magazine)
"NOTE-TEN(ILLUST-NOTE Magazine)" Judge Prize
"ILLUSTRATORS TSUSHIN Competition Vol,4" Judge Prize
Finalist for "Gallery House Maya Competition Vo.l 12"


Apr-May,2009 "Vamoosh" in Anis
Feb-Mar,2011 "i ram ka ra p te" in niwa-coya
May,2011 "Meta Shounen-Ten" in Turner Gallery
Dec,2011 "Fantastic Days2011"in Tambourin Gallery
Feb,2012 "1978" in Gallery DAZZLE
Apr,2012 "MJ-Ten" in Pater's Shop & Gallery
Aug,2012 "Roba Museum" in Tambourin Gallery
Oct,2012 "Poster Wo Kaku" in Gallery DAZZLE
Mar,2013 "Visitor" in Grass Hut(portland.OR)
Apr,2013 "Aisiatteru kai? vol.5" in Coolie's Creek
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