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Hiromitsu Sakai
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HIROMITSU SAKAI is an illustrator who lives in Osaka, Japan.
He is a member of the Professional Illustrators Group ILLUSTRATORS TSUSHIN.

He started working as an illustrator in 2007.
Until then, he had been creating oil paintings and prints, and exhibiting them regularly in galleries. However, after he became interested in the diversified possibilities of digital expressions by computer, he changed his career as an illustrator.

He creates illustrations of cityscapes or animals by line drawing.
His styles are diversified from work drawn by fine lines to a monochrome work composed with simple lines. But all of his work are drawn by hand-drawn lines and has interesting feel of irregularity.

Lately, he has been widely active, illustrating for monthly magazines, post cards, as well as for bags and scarves in collaboration with an overseas apparel brand.
He holds solo exhibitions of his work periodically in Tokyo and Osaka.

-Exhibition History-
Dec.2008 Activity was introduced by the pamphlet of the WACOM Co.,Ltd.
Aug.2008 ISHIDA TAISEISHA Inc. Printing competition winning prize
May2010 Group Exhibition at HYATT REGENCY HOTEL Gallery, Osaka,Japan
Oct.2010 Group Exhibition “CLIMB THE FUTURE 2010” at AMU Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Nov.2010 “artDive#03” at MIYAKOMESSE, Kyoto, Japan
Feb.2011 Solo Exhibition “Tori-kara” at Book1’st Café Gallery, Osaka,Japan
Jan.2012 Solo Exhibition ”SENGABANSHO” at HYATT REGENCY HOTEL Gallery, Osaka,Japan
May2012 Solo Exhibition “SENGABANSHO” at GINZA Gallery21 ,Tokyo, Japan
June2013 Group Exhibition “The8th 100Artists Exhibition” at Ouchi Gallery ,Brooklyn,NY
June2013 Group Exhibition “Animal Art Exhibition” at Gallery ENYEN ,Tokyo,Japan
Oct.-Dec.2015 Solo Exhibition ”Postcards-Ohanashirabe” at Gallery at The Lexus,Osaka,Japan
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