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Sora UDA
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Computer specifications : Mac OS X
Form of delivery : Digital

Born in California, USA. After graduating from Temple University, Philadelphia (Communication and Theater,) start to work as an illustrator. Beginning from drawing background image for prize catalog ordered by photo studio, activity was very wide; logo design for hotel (Villa Concordia, Hokkaido,) chapter opening page illustration for fiction novel "Koshu" written by Akane Kojima, total design for CD album "Namidawofuke, Tsubawofuke" and "Maboroshi" by Japanese rock band Mayutsuba. Designing and selling original calendar every year is one of the lifework from 2010.
Selected for "2nd Star Illustration Competition" sponsored by Kodansha Famous Schools, final selection for "Drawing Book Cover Competition Vol. 14," selected for Vol. 15, sponsored by Gallery House MAYA.
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