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mitiyo taguti
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E-mail : info* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : MAC OSX 10.14
Form of delivery : Both data trafficking and original drawing

Nice to meet you MitiyoTaguti.
I try for a refreshing and relaxing work that feels comfortable.
I would like to work on various media mainly focusing on books and illustrations.
Thank you very much.

I live in Kanagawa Prefecture and live in Tokyo
Setsu · mode seminar graduation
F - school, MJ Illustrations Completed

Book designs, illustrations, illustrations of magazines.

2013 185th The Choice won selection (Akiko Okubo)
            Peter's Competition final selection (Seiichi Suzuki)
2010 171st The Choice Winning (Shingo Ikeda)
            172nd The Choice semi-prize selection (Yamamura Koji selection)
2009 12th Liquitex • Biennial Encouragement Prize • Koji Mizutani Prize
2007 6th TIS open recruitment selection

2017 Pinnacle of a trip, 2015 Like a wind (HB Gallery Omotesando), flowers and fruits (890 Tokyo University),
2013 le cinema (Art Guild), 2011 Bonjour!, 2006 Wave Yosuke (Gallery Ginza),
Other solo exhibitions, group exhibitions.

* Please do not hesitate to contact us for work requests or questions.
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