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Showko Yamanaka
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Computer specifications : Windows10
Form of delivery : digital

Showko Yamanaka was born in Osaka, Japan. Ever since she was a child, she has had a strong passion for drawing and creating. After learning graphic design at the university, she had worked for a printing company as a designer. During her work, she had a lot of occasions to handle illustrations, and she started having further interest in illustrations. Because of this experience in the company, she decided to focus on drawing.

Showko Yamanaka believes the importance of illustrations in people's lives. It helps to make your life prosperous and more fulfilling.Since she consider illustration should have been attracting and impetus people to interest the goods, her drawing has always been unique and intimate. It's her greatest pleasure to draw beautiful things more beautiful, delicious food looks more delicious, and express the world is full of delight.
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