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 [Fashion Illustration File 2020] Notice of publication
Friday, October 2, 2020
[Fashion Illustration File 2020] Notice of publication
Continuing from last year, it was posted on "Fashion Illustration File 2020" released by Genkosha on October 5, 2020!
I am very happy because it is one of the illustration files I have longed for since I started working as an illustration. Someday in this magazine ...! !! !! I will continue to devote myself to this.

I am posted on p116.
Please take a look when you visit the bookstore!

It is also posted on the illustration file Web ( operated by the company, so be sure to check it out as well!
[Rika Isshin] Label Illustration
[Rika Isshin] Label Illustration
I drew a label illustration of [Rika Isshin] (Warashi's cider), a new beer from Beerful Co., Ltd.!

Continuing from the previous [Maika Hitome], it was Shun Kudo who made a wonderful design this time as well.

I was particular about the layout of the flowers and leaves so that the pears look elegant. The blue bottle is also a very nice fruity beer. The beer has less bitterness and is very easy to drink, so it is a perfect beer for summer.

Pre-order sales have started from here, so everyone!
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