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Go Kato (kato5) was born at the avant-garde city Osaka in Japan, The city life are rooted in comedies.
Everyone dreams to become a comedian once a boy in the town. He hoped too.
He loved to read the DragonBall, SAINT SEIYA and Kinnikuman serialized by Shonen Jump,
And he was enthusiastic about powerful Battle scene, layout and story.
He thought a cartoon during class at elementary school and he draw his own story in a corner of the note.
The story mixed enthusiastic Japanese cartoons and essence of his avant-garde city.
He teared the notebook and folded it. And he thrown at other classmates secretly.
The classmate Opened folded paper. And the mission was success if it was heared laughter from a quiet classroom.
He was often scolded for finding it by teacher.But it was way to make a person laugh,because he was not good at conversation.
To laugh classmetes momentarity, Momentum and accessible theme become important.
It's his base to draw.
A drawing doesn't show his inside and it is a communication tool for him.
He mixes japanese cartoon with comedy and paints avant-garde color affected at the town where he lives.
Recently, his characters become a muscular build by influence of going to gym.
Muscular persons decide narcissistic poses and look into the camera,everyone are a main character there.
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