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Hayashi Naoyuki
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E-mail : info* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : Mac|Adobe Illustrator CC / Adobe Photoshop CC
Form of delivery : We support various data delivery such as AI, PSD, PDF and JPG.

"Playful and Smart illustrations."

Based in Fukuoka City, Japan
After working as an illustrator in a creator unit formed in 1999, started freelancing in 2014.
My main work is illustration and character creation for publishing, education, advertising, web, and TV commercials.

I want to express what needs to be conveyed in a smart way that is easy to understand and with a bit of playfulness added. We are available for comic illustration and flat illustration of color surface compositions.

・Member of the Japan Illustration Association.
・Member of the Illustrators Tsushin.
・Part-time lecturer at a vocational school (2017-2020)
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