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Aki Nakajima
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Born in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, based in the United States as of 2021. 

I majored in Art and Art History during college.  
After working for corporate companies, I am working as an Illustrator.
I aim to create works that bring calm or pleasant feelings to people.
I also specialize in the expression of tranquil or mystical atmospheres.
For visual illustrations, I strive to convey the tone of the original work into my work. 

2021 I passed the first round for "The 7th Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition"
2019   I won first prize and received the Golden Book prize in the General Category for the JAPAN BOOK DESIGN Contest 2019. 
My other work was shortlisted for the JAPAN BOOK DESIGN Contest (3 submissions). 

2018   Two of my works were shortlisted in the General Category for the JAPAN BOOK DESIGN Contest 2018. (3 submissions) 

2021 September, November 『IYN Art festival in KOBEHANKYU』
2021 March  a Solo Art Exhibition held  (Gallery IYN) 
2020 September 「Jakuchu Ito Exhibition」」(Gallery IYN)
2019 July 「Art Exhibition of Selected Works」 (Gallery IYN) 
2019 June 「2nd SCW Exhibition」(Gallery IYN) 
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