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maho tanizaki
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E-mail : ohanalion1018* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : Mac OSX 10.8.5
Form of delivery : digital data/ex: JPEG, PSD

◆ Bio:

Maho Tanizaki is a Japanese illustrator based in Chigasaki,Kanagawa.She graduated English Literature at Sagami Women’s University for 4 years and studied at TOKYO DESIGNER GAGUIN COLLEGE(TDG) for 1 year. My motto is “Create a fun & interesting things.” I mainly create for warm illustrations that children and adults can enjoy together.I love animals,sea and nature :)

◆ Contact:

◆ Certifications:

Test in color coodination grade 2 and 3/STEP Eiken grade 2/Vegitable and Fruits adviser

◆ Materials:

Acrylic gouache/Watercolor/Watercolor pencil/Pen/Degital media/and more…

◆ Degital Tools:

Mac OSX 10.8.5/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Adobe Photoshop CS6
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