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Thimoko Horiguchi
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living in Tokyo.
While working as a designer and illustrator, I became an independent illustrator in 2020. With a unique touch with unique and light poison and the experience below, I am mainly active in advertising.
My favorite thing is about alcohol and cooking. Taking a walk in downtown Tokyo.

[Experience other than illustrator]
Primary school assistant → Visual designer → Tourism (concierge) → Designer of printing company → Planning and operation of "morning live" → Management of Tokyo Shitamachi Research Institute (issued by workshop/free pepper) Mother of 1 child.

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Selected for Ding Yamamoto Grand Prize Exhibition
Received the Nihon University College of Art Award
Selected for Shell Art Award
Selected by Tokyo Wonder Wall

[Main work]
Beer car wrapping illustration (client: Makoto Umehara)
Body illustration used for disinfection spray (client: a hygiene product manufacturer)
Illustration production for presentation board (client: a certain design company), etc.

[Personal exhibition]
"Feelings become flesh and meat" Exhibition @ Art Gallery Kan (Nihonbashi)
"Let's Gently Take Off" Exhibition @ Gallery Motomachi (Yokohama)
"I want to ferment" Exhibition @ & LOUNGE (Sumiyoshi)

[Group exhibition]
Animat Exhibition (Annual participation since 2005)
art point gallery at London (2019 London)
Many others
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