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Namikawa Sayumi
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「I will deliver a variety of touch illustrations on time!」
Former Wen director was managing project progress.
So I learned the importance of punctual delivery.
Until you deliver the illustration, so that customers can trade with confidence,
We value polite communication.

「I loved books since I was a kid」
Since I was in elementary school, I loved reading, reading 100 books a year.
I don't have time to read because I have two younger children now,
I would like to work on books.

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Niigata University Faculty of Education Graduated from the artistic environment creation process modeling expression course.
Web designer, Web director at a website production company
Engaged as.
Independent as a freelance illustrator in 2020.
In my private life, I am the mother of two children (two and one).
My dream is to have a large dog, and my concern is lack of exercise.
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