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Born October 23, 1995, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

After graduating from Nanyo Technical High School, he started working for Mazda Motor Corp. In his fifth year with the company, he became an independent illustrator in the summer of 2018 at the age of 22, focusing on illustrations that he started drawing because of his love of vehicles.
Currently, he mainly works on illustration ray orders from individuals, advertisements, and magazines. He specializes in vehicle illustrations, providing warm and gentle with watercolor and cool with digital.

Graduated from Nanyo Technical High School in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Retired from Mazda Motor Corporation in 2018
Freelance illustrator
Member of Illustrator's Communication

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Production Achievements
old-timer old car owner's book vol.1 cover car illustration
old-timer old car owner's book vol.2 cover car illustration
old-timer old car owner's book vol.3 cover car illustration
old-timer old car owner's book vol.4 cover car illustration
old-timer old car owner's book vol.5 cover car illustration
Pen Magazine [Six Anecdotes about Piaget] Clock illustration
Pen Magazine November 15, 2021 issue "Electric car, a true story" car illustration
Pen Magazine, November 15, 2010 issue: "The True Story of Electric Cars" Watercolor illustration of a watch.
Pen Magazine, August 2022: Clock illustration cut.
Lightning, August 2021, street bike illustration cut.
2nd vol.172 Illustration cut of a moped motorcycle in the 80's
2nd vol. 186 Fashion illustration cut
Illustration cut of NAVI CARS vol.41
Illustration cut of NAVIGATION CARS vol.42
NAVI CARS vol.43 Illustration cut
Moto NAVI No.107 Illustration cut
Honda Magazine 2021 vol.39 The 20th anniversary of the Fit - The story behind the birth of the center tank layout
Illustration cut from "Ritech Q&A" in the December issue of "Motorcycle Club
DUCATI Magazine November issue - Illustration cut

(Ducati Magazine (WEB)
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.2 Porsche 911
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.3 Jeep] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.3 Jeep
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.4 Volkswagen Golf] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.4 Volkswagen Golf
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.5 Toyota Crown] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.5 Toyota Crown
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.6 Ford Mustang] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.6 Ford Mustang] Pen Online
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.7 Cadillac] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.7 Cadillac
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.8 Land Rover Range Rover] Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol.8 Land Rover Range Rover
Pen Online [Theory of Famous Cars Vol. 9 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

(Advertisement) Asahi Soft Drinks "Asahi Oishii Oishii" (Asahi Soft Drinks)
Asahi Soft Drinks "Asahi Oishii Sui" natural water, simple eco label, POP illustration
Red Bull Race Day [Roaring MotoGP] PR cartoon
Illustration for H.O.G. JAPAN TOPICS 2020

Illustration for restaurant menu of Hokkaido Italian restaurant and cafe "Kitaguni to Milk" at Cocolia Tama Center

Illustration design for WILD BUNCH FEST. 2021 official goods T-shirt
Illustration for the band PARIS on the City's "Ai no Bakushinchi" release delivery one-man show commemorative goods
CD jacket illustration for the band TheGentleFlower's new song "Teardrop

(Administration and Tourism)
Illustration for the background of SQUARE ENIX's "Romancing Saga 2021
Illustration for "JR Yamaguchi Line Stamp Rally", a special project for the 100th anniversary of the JR Yamaguchi Line.

201805 Solo Exhibition "Watercolor Painting with Vehicles" at hair salon Rebirth 2F
201808 Group Exhibition "Hachihana Exhibition" Gallery Nakano
201902 Group Exhibition "THE GIRLvol.3" SUP STAND FUKUOKA
201904 Solo Exhibition "Rental 819 Tokuyama Ekimae
201905 Solo Exhibition "Watercolor with Vehicle 2019" Flor Caffa
201906 Solo exhibition "Positive and Negative" Gallery Nakano
∙ 202002 Group Exhibition "Related Project of HEART2019, Prefectural Art Area Exhibition "Flower", with Mr. Y" Gallery Nakano
202105 GalleryCAFE Tokonoma Opening Exhibition, Tokonoma 20 Artists Exhibition
202106 Solo Exhibition, "Kisei (Falsehood)," Gallery Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
202108 Solo Exhibition "Tokonoma Kosaka Daiki Solo Exhibition -Nothing Special-" gallery CAFE Tokonoma
202110 Aspirato Exhibition "Bijinga Revolution!
202112 The 74th Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition
202204 Yamaguchi Illustrators' Work Exhibition 2022
202206 Solo Exhibition, "Beyond the Pretense," Gallery Nakano, Tokyo
2020207 AAF Automobile Art Federation 9th Exhibition
202210 R11R×Ikebukuro PARCO SPECIAL EXHIBITION "Emotions183
202211 daiki kosaka "JuvenileLeap" pop-up store (Tokyo pop-up store in UNITEDcafe)

201809 "Yamaguchi Motorcycle Fest" Vehicle illustration booth at Shunan Jidosha Gakko
201903 Yamaguchi Motor Event, vehicle illustration booth
201904 "Roadster Jamboree Oita" vehicle illustration booth stall
201906 "Motorcycle Club Meeting" in Karuizawa, Japan - Illustration booth
201906 Harley-Davidson Yoshiohka Illustration Event
201907 "Nostalgic Car Meeting in Pompokonosato" Illustration booth
201908 "Motorcycle Day" in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi - illustration booth
Participated in a circle at 201908 "Comic Market 96
201909 "Honda Dream Yamaguchi 15th Festival" illustration booth
201909 "Harley-Davidson Yoshiohka Festival" illustration booth
201909 "Eshio Country Festival" illustration booth
201910 "Smile Halloween San Yo Onoda 2019" illustration booth stall
-201910 "MAZDA COLLEZIONE 2019" illustration booth stall
-201910 "Creative Hunt 2019", speaking as an illustrator
∙ 201911 "Eighth 2×2 Wheels Off @Fukuoka" illustration booth stall
201911"2nd Yamaguchi Bike Fest" illustration booth
201911 "Italiano Hirao Festa" illustration booth
201911 "Hiroshima Mazda Daishu Store Thanksgiving Festival" illustration booth
202002 "Yamaguchi Mazda 65th Anniversary Festival in Yamaguchi Asada Ucarland," COSACA atelier stall
202002 "Honda Dream Hiroshima Chuo 12th Anniversary Festival" Kosaka Atelier stall
202010 "Kawasaki Plaza Yamaguchi Grand Opening Event" at Kosaka Atelier
202011 "Yamaguchi Bike Fest 2020" Kosaka's Atelier stall
202110 "Yamaguchi Bike Fest 2021" poster design
202110 Shunan Design Conference Yamaguchi Creators Talk vol.2 Riota x Kosaka Daiki
202201 Lecture by a freelance illustrator for first-year students at Saba Junior High School in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
202210 La Festa della Automobille Classica "MAZDA COLLEZIONE" main visual and event stall
202210 Yamaguchi Bike Fest 2022 in Michi-no-Eki Shiosai Ichiba Hofu, in charge of poster design and illustration

(Automobile dealer)
Yanase Mercedes-Benz delivery present illustration card
Yamaguchi Mazda Asada Eucaland, delivery present illustration
Illustration for MINI GARAGE PARADOX storefront
Illustration for MINI GARAGE PARADOX as a delivery present

The 74th Yamaguchi Prefecture Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention

The contents are as of 20221018.

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