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Yumiko Yamasaki
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E-mail : info* (Please change * to @ when you contact with.)
Computer specifications : macOS,iPad/Adobe CC,CLIP STUDIO PAINT
Form of delivery : ai, PSD etc...

Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Design.
After working as a web creator, I am active as a freelance illustrator.
I live in Tokyo.
Draw animals and plants with a soft touch. Having studied botanical art, I am good at analog painting that makes use of the bleeding and warmth of transparent watercolors.
On the other hand, it also draws full digital images (pen tabs, CLIP STUDIO) with clear colors that are easy to see even on large print surfaces.
We value facial expressions, delicacy, and expressions that make us feel the story.

We will also scan analog pictures and deliver the data in Photoshop / Illustrator layout.

[Main work results]
Tansei Display Co., Ltd. B1 Poster Main Visual
Motoyama Tea Co., Ltd. Tea leaf package
Active Corporation postcards, paper stickers
Takarajimasha "TJ-MOOK Beautiful Flower Coloring Book with Watercolor Pencils" 4 flower coloring line art, 4 color samples, etc.
Tokyo Camera Club Corp. SNS shooting spot background painting 1 point (2m vertical enlarged printing)
Cute Culture Lolita Clothing Textile Design Co., Ltd.

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